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Some of the most common questions answered…

I’m arranging a local event, can you help?2017-12-08T14:39:30+00:00

If there’s room and if we think it’s for the good of the land then YES! Contact us directly and we will try our best. No promises though : )

I’ve missed the deadline, what now?2017-12-08T14:35:13+00:00

Call or email as soon as you can. We can’t guarantee anything but sometimes, just sometimes, you never know. Around deadline day, we often work into the early hours so please go easy on us.

I have an idea for an article2017-12-08T14:32:27+00:00

Let’s hear it then! We love hearing from our readers and believe it or not, we have quite a back log of ideas and submissions. We do have a our regular writers but we are always on the hunt for more : )

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